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Hey there readers!! Hello from BrandSwitch the Ad Agency. This is our very first blog so something About Us? We are based out of India’s most glittering city, Mumbai, in a competitive battle with some of the most intriguing creative minds of ad agencies but we are Standing Firm and Standing Tall.

Well, guess what, it’s our 5th Anniversary and this is a very exhilarating time for us. A tiny idea that started with bringing the Revolution to the current Creative Advertising field is taking a firm shape now.

The Entry:

“She Came, She Saw, She Conquered”

A single phrase suffices everything that there is to tell about our driving force. The brain behind this successful run Jyoti Kyamsaria Shaikh. An Unconventional, unorthodox, picky by sight, she knows what a client wants and the way to get it done by the team. A gem of a heart and a true performer.

Flashbacks and Montage:

It is such a soothing feeling when we turn our heads and look back, how long we have come. 5 years of Uninterrupted Creativity that landed us beside SEVEN magnificently glorious Awards & Achievements unitedly stamping the mark of excellence that we stand for. This isn’t all, there is much more to attempt, a never-ending way to go towards the wondered achievements, unthinkable hurdles, sweat-soaked demands, and amusing smiles of clients with satisfaction.

Supporting Characters:

The team of 20 creative minds working one beside one to fetch the Ideas into Reality from the untouched horizons. In an attempt to be creative, every one of us spends a lot of time optimizing our workflow with managerial gears, apps, and utilities. Some may argue that we’d be more productive if we just quit trying new stuff and focus on cranking out work with the tools we already know, but BrandSwitch is a firm believer that a little extra time experimenting upfront can pay huge dividends in the long run. And besides what’s the fun in doing it in a conventional way? And as BrandSwitch says “No Rules to Creativity”.


At BrandSwitch, you would find a satisfaction on every team member’s face, whether we are working or just kidding around having fun on the floor. Having said that, we firmly believe in delivering the art with utmost certainty and as per the client’s demand which in turn extend the BrandSwitch family with brands that believe in us to deliver the best.


1827 Days
Hundreds of Clients
Thousands of Ideas
Millions of Smiles
From the House of One Family BrandSwitch

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